Building Safer Communities with Customized Offender Exclusion Zones

ReliAlert™ XC3 with SecureCuff™

The safest and most reliable monitoring device ever made.

SafeTracks™ is the only supplier of the ReliAlert™ XC3 in Canada, providing Electronic Monitoring Solutions to some of the largest Law Enforcement agencies in the country.

SafeTracks™ equips officers and emergency personnel with the tools they need to easily analyze intelligence, securely collaborate on investigations, manage cases, produce reports, and respond to crime as it happens.

  • Activated by Monitoring Center

  • Encased hardened steel band with Tamper Detection

  • Communicate directly with Offender in real-time

  • Featuring a Call Button

Here for you, 100% of the Time

24/7/365 Monitoring

Live Intervention Monitoring
SafeTracks™ Canadian Monitoring Center operators are highly trained to react to real-time emergency situations in 170 languages. Our staff communicates directly to Law Enforcement and Emergency Support Staff.

Offender Data

Data Stored in Canada
SafeTracks™ is the only GPS Ankle Bracelet supplier in Canada that maintains data storage on Canadian soil.


Web Based Platform
TrackerPAL™ is the world’s most advanced location analysis tool allowing for a detailed breakdown of offender behavior and patterns.