Williams Lake, BC city council signs contract for the use of GPS Ankle Bracelets to reduce crime

Williams Lake, BC city council signs contract for the use of GPS Ankle Bracelets to reduce crime

June 05, 2018 10:21 ET | Source: SafeTracks GPS Canada Inc.

RED DEER, Alberta, June 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Williams Lake, BC city council has unanimously voted to lease GPS Ankle Bracelets from SafeTracks GPS Canada Inc. (SafeTracks™), a company that has been providing electronic monitoring solutions in Canada since 2009. Council agreed to enter into a 1 year leasing agreement with the Red Deer, Alberta based company for GPS Ankle Bracelets in order to reduce crime in their community. According to the Canadian magazine Mclean’s, Williams Lake, BC is now the 4th most dangerous places to live in Canada.

SafeTracks™ is the only supplier of the ReliAlert™ XC3 in Canada, providing Electronic Monitoring Solutions to some of the largest Law Enforcement agencies in the country.

“We are looking forward to working with the RCMP and the court system to help ensure our community is protected from repeat offenders,” states Mayor Walt Cobb. “GPS ankle bracelets have a huge potential to stop criminal activity in its tracks.”

“This is an extremely important aspect of our goal to increase public safety,” says Councillor Scott Nelson. “Frequent offenders are responsible for approximately 85% of our criminal activity, and knowing where they are at all times will allow us to keep criminal activity at a much lower level.”

Vince Morelli, President of SafeTracks™ believes that the city is taking a proactive approach to community safety and applauds their initiative. “The City Council of Williams Lake is dedicated and determination to enhance public safety and fight crime in their community. Their leadership and strategic vision has resulted in the local authorities now being able to seek court authorization for deployment of SafeTracks GPS Electronic Monitoring systems that will be used to significantly improve the monitoring of repeat offenders who are on bail, probation or conditional sentence. This cost effective measure is also a huge force multiplier for local police which also helps support community safety. We look forward to working with local officials on this important initiative which has been achieved through the leadership of the Williams Lake City Council. SafeTracks™ is dedicated to the success of this program.”

Many cities and towns throughout Canada face the same problem; the continued release of repeat and prolific offenders. Under current law, municipalities have the ability to fund an Electronic Monitoring program that is then administered through the justice system in order to improve the safety and security of its residents.

The SafeTracks™ GPS Ankle Bracelet program disrupts criminal activity which is disproportionately committed by a relatively small number of offenders. SafeTracks™ continues to work with law enforcement agencies and all levels of government across Canada. The company’s continued commitment to providing public safety and maintaining the highest level of industry standards has led to recently awarded contracts to provincially funded programs in Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.

Please contact Vince Morelli if you are interested in learning more about SafeTracks™ Electronic Monitoring programs at vince@safetracksgps.ca or by calling 403-396-5959.


SafeTracks™ state-of-the-art technology continues to disrupt the electronic monitoring industry, offering a combination of judicial caseload management tools not available through competitors. Our forward thinking EM Programs allow for high-risk prolific repeat offenders to be released on house-arrest, or to be reintegrated into the community, based upon court approved conditions. SafeTracks™ maintains the highest level of certifications and takes pride in the implementation of our industry’s best practices.

Lorinda Porter
SafeTracks GPS Canada Inc.