Rural Crime Alberta: We are listening

As the discussion continues in Alberta about the rural crime wave epidemic and what steps are needed to address it, SafeTracks™ has been continuing to attend community meetings around the Province as well as meeting with elected officials and law enforcement representatives. Our message from the outset has been clear: ‘Be Proactive Today and Not Reactive Tomorrow’.

Victims of rural property break in and thefts and law enforcement officials have also been clear that there is a clear repeat offender profile to the vast majority of criminals committing these crimes including people who are already on release from our revolving door justice system when they commit these new crimes.

This was confirmed by recent RCMP reports of rural crime arrests made in just the past month in one region with 85% (17 out of 20) of the arrested offenders being reported as persons with past records and or who were on bail, probation, parole or who had arrest warrants outstanding. We are also advised that most of these offenders are not living in the rural communities they attack but instead are living in cities and towns which they leave to commit their crimes.

Given this, if these criminals who have been released by the justice system were required to be subject to the Electronic Monitoring system that SafeTracks™ provides, their attempt at leaving a designated approved and pre programmed area would be detected and stopped. If we can stop most of these bad guys from going to their rural targets…which we can through SafeTracks™ EM systems…there would be much fewer crime scenes and rural families at risk.

Dealing with this increase in rural crime is a complex issue that will require a fact based, substantive and comprehensive strategy endorsed and led by a Government that is truly committed to the safety of Albertans and their property rights. SafeTracks is part of that solution and we will continue our efforts to get the job done.