Private GPS Ankle Bracelet Rentals: No More Offender Releases with a Promise to be Good

Our prisons and remand centers are overcrowded, and they are getting worse everyday. This creates increased risk to the guards to manage these crowded conditions. We also see that the courts frequently release some of these offenders into our communities with a promise to be good, and respect the laws in our communities. But many of these offenders are already engaged in a criminal lifecycle, which means they are most likely going to continue their criminality unless we have programs in place to manage and control their re-introduction into our communities.

Recently there have been actions taken to allow Low Risk /First Time Offenders the ability to rent and pay for the GPS Ankle Bracelets with strict conditions that they are effectively ‘House Arrested’. This initiative would allow these offenders to stay home while they wait for their court date or complete their sentence. This initiative provides two solutions; we reduce the overcrowding incarceration issues, and we also keep these people, such as youth offenders away from the Criminal Lifestyle and High-Risk Career Criminals that exploit them and threaten their lives and safety. The GPS Private Rental Electronic Monitoring Program helps prevent crime and stop continuing criminality both of which keep our communities safer in both the immediate and long term.

At SafeTracks™, our Judicial Division offers a GPS Ankle Bracelet Rental Program. This program is available for all applications for release from custody including bail, sentencing (probation and conditional sentence), correctional early release (federal and provincial), preventive recognizances, or other releases from custody for federal (non-criminal Code) release orders.

If you, or someone you know is facing jail or seeking release, please contact our office at 1-877-761-4477 and we’ll be able to speak to you or family members to assist your lawyers about the details of preparing a comprehensive proposal for review by the Court or releasing authority.