Ankle Bracelets Suggested to Lower Crime in Central Alberta

Category: Local News
Published: Monday, 12 June 2017 21:18
Written by Jonathan Guignard

Members of the Alberta Crime Taskforce, opened their ears to the public in Red Deer last night looking for suggestions on what the province can do to reduce criminal activity.

The newly-formed taskforce is part of Wildrose’s initiative to help fight crime, which has seen a drastic increase since 2015 up 18 per cent in reported crimes including a 12 per cent increase in violent crimes.

Owner of SafeTracks GPS Vince Morelli attended the meeting and said ankle bracelets are the solution.

“Put them on an ankle bracelets, house arrest and that will stop that. They will never do that again. If we can stop the guys from doing the crime, that’s one good way of being proactive and preventive.”

Morelli said he has approached the city, but has been told it’s an issue of money.

He said the bracelets are being used by police in both Calgary and Edmonton, which he says has been highly successful.

Co-Chair of Alberta Crime Taskforce Don McIntyre likes the idea and suggests the criminals pay for the bracelets themselves.

“Those costs are born by the perpetrator because after all the only reason we are having to do this is because they committed a crime. So why not have them pay for it? I think it’s a great idea and something we should look at,” said McIntrye.

The taskforce is the in process of touring the province and speaking to the public. They plan on filing a report on their findings to Legislature in the fall.